so ex-PSY-ted

luckily, it is without reservation that i can say that i am extremely happy and comfortable in my major. the more i learn about the theoretical and empirical landscapes of 21st century psychology, the more excited i am to be delving into the field. i realize there is SO much left to be explored and unpacked.

currently i am really struck by how formative kahneman and tversky’s work on heuristics and biases has been in revolutionizing–in one fell swoop–psychology, economics, and policy-making.

p.s. i have some random psych-related stuff to share. first, this is a very disturbing case of what happens when a social context lacks all the (widely accepted) norms of appropriate social behavior. the consequences are disastrous. second, here is a list of the top ten psychology studies of all time, according to psyblog. i think they do a good job. also, check out this list for kicks.   

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About Rich Lopez

Rich is a PhD student at Dartmouth studying the cognitive neuroscience of self-control (or lack of it). More info here:
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